Wheelchair Access

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Here at D.R. we focus on providing a high quality service with customer satisfaction and safety our number one priority.We provide services from Taxi,Government,Commercial and Private sectors.Our fully trained drivers and passenger assistants if required are always on hand to make your journey as comfortable as possible,Our aim is to allow our customers to relax and allow our drivers to help them in any way possible.

Wheelchair Access is now a huge part and growing share of the taxi industry with all of our drivers and passenger assistants fully trained in the latest and safest methods of Wheelchair Access.Despite the increase of need for Wheelchair Access vehicles we are one of the only companies in the South Wales area that has over 15 years experience working to break the transport barrier and enable everyone to participate more fully in social and private events.

From 6 April taxi and private hire vehicle drivers will be obliged by law :
Transport wheelchair users in their wheelchair
Provide passengers in wheelchairs with appropriate assistance

Charge wheelchair users the same as non-wheelchair users

We are working towards building a company that works for everyone, and part of that is ensuring disabled people have the same access to services and opportunities as anyone else – including when it comes to travel. People who use wheelchairs are often heavily reliant on taxis and private hire vehicles and this change to the law will mean fair and equal treatment for all.

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